Our CHEMICAL cleaning bays are in accordance with the highest standards:

- completely separated CHEMICAL cleaning bays
- trained and experienced CHEMICAL cleaners
- individual fall protection
- customer specific "tailor made" procedures incl. audits
- up to 200bar spinners
- steaming on spinners
- cleaning additives: detergent, acid, solvent (Biodegreaser), disinfectant,...
- drying on all cleaning bays (only TSP) + external bay with 2 dryers
- various provisions for connection on accessories, airlines,...
- various solutions for residue > 20kg
  (solid, liquid,..., pump out, heating and/or separated collection)
- visual control (T01) after cleaning
- unaccompanied cleaning (out of depot, on chassis with terminal truck)

PRODUCTS NOT AUTHORIZED TO BE CLEANED: methyl-, ethyl-, buthyl acrylates, mercaptanes, isocyanates, gases

Classification of our CHEMICAL groups:
1) Chemicals light (1): solvents, glycol, polyol, styrene, fatty acids, … (A)
2) Chemicals medium (2): aromatics, emulsions,… (B)
3) Chemicals medium special (3): chlorinated products (C)
4) Chemicals heavy (4): heavy oils, viscious products., resins,…