Tank Services Pernis, your partner for:

1) Cleaning of tank containers, bulk/silo containers
    and roadtankers, issuing the ECD (EFTCO)
    - 4x CHEMICAL cleaning bays
    - 3x FOOD cleaning bays in accordance with highest standards
      (HACCP, Kosher, testing, data monitoring,...)
    - 1x cleaning bay for EXTERNAL wash for:
          - tank containers (20"-30"-40")
          - roadtankers
          - trucks and trailers/chassis
    - latex/resin recirculation unit with 2 spinners

2) Repair Service Center
    - 1x QUICK REPAIR bay
    - 3x REPAIR bays for:
       - in-service repairs
       - preload inspections and tightness tests 
         (vacuum & pressure tests)
       - periodic inspections/testing (2,5/5 years retesting)
       - tankshell treatment: pickling and passivation
       - nitrogen (N2) purging, drying
       - damage repairs
       - refurbishments / modifications
       - tankshell repairs
       - on- and off-hire services
       - fitment and service of cooling and heating units
       - welding: steel, stainless steel (SS) and aluminium
         by certified welders

3) Heating of loaded tank containers on chassis
    - heating with steam (automated and controled - 24/7)
    - heating with water
    - heating by electricity (240V/380V)
    - 12x automated heating places (steam)

4) Depot/storage and handling of tank containers
    - depot for max. 1.000 empty tank containers
    - 2 new container lifting trucks with double lock 
      20"-30"-40" spreaders    
    - 3x terminal trucks for unaccompanied cleaning
    - short waiting times, drop dirty & load cleaned
      (swob & drop)

5) Other services
    - N2 purging/drying of tank containers
    - parking IN/OUT
    - sanitary facilities (showers, toilets)
    - cafeteria (sandwiches, coffee, soft drinks, microwave,...)
    - cooperation with CTT Rotterdam BV for
      loaded storage, incl. ADR, sea/barge and rail terminal